30 January 2019

Where IS Ruth?

The lack of reporting on Ruth Bader-Ginsberg's glowing health and rigorous workout routine is getting into suspiciously specific denial territory.

She hasn't been seen for a while.

What police agency can we call in for a welfare check?

This also raises the uncomfortable question, since so much of a Supreme Court Justice's work is done by their staff, of "how long can a partisan staff hide the demise of said Justice?"

I think we might be needing some proof of life, otherwise we're going to be getting the whole "you can't seat a new justice because election" bullshit we've had before.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Those liberal staffers ain't going to say nothing, if they can stall until 2020 then "Orange Man bad" can't get another supreme justice in.

    1. Which assumes that the Orange Antichrist doesn't get re-elected. I hope he does, even though I don't vote GOP, just to watch the meltdowns.

  2. It takes time for Amazon/Google to craft a new cyborg to look and act like RBG so the staff is stalling.

    I agree with Angus, if there is no sighting, hospital admission or coroner report in the next 30 days the president should declare her unfit to serve as justice and therefore retired, immediately initiating the replacement process. I hear tell that the fireworks are going to be spectacular this year in D.C.

  3. Maybe we have found out the reason the Progs have taken over Disney. Access to all those animatronics...


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