18 January 2019

.30-06 Airsoft?

The owner of one of the local gun shops presented Willard with this box:

Inside the box is:

What are they you ask?

.30-06 indoor training ammunition?

One forum I've found claims the SEC on the box means "securite" and that makes this riot control ammo!

Eeep!  Since other posters are talking about what that little plastic bullet will penetrate at close ranges.

As far as penetration goes, it's pretty much the polar opposite of...
...Cartridge, Caliber 30, Armor Piercing, M2!


  1. That little plastic pellet can do major damage (or kill) if it hits you in the head or neck. That date tells me "old school" security ammo, as in "we really don't care if you die trying to scale the fence to the armory, navy yard or nuclear facility". Seems to me this would be ideal for use at the border 100 yards or less distance.

  2. During WWII, the US Army procured special composite-bullet rounds for stateside security platoons guarding fuel refineries, munitions plants, and the such. They were fully lethal however had minimal ability to penetrate walls or pipes. I know for sure there were .30-06 Springfield and .45ACP rounds made like this; perhaps other calibers as well. I am not sure if the ammo above is of this origin or not.

    1. Further digging says these are the same idea. Kills dead inside a limited range with fewer worries about damaging the backstop.


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