26 January 2019

Say It With Me

FedEx sucks.

FedEx Smartpost combines everything bad about FedEx and the USPS into one horrifying package.

Case in point.

Gun parts coming from both Midway and Brownell's.

These two orders were made within minutes of each other on the 20th.

Both were shipped with the cheapest available option.

Midway with UPS Mail Innovations.  Brownell's with FedEx Surepost.

The baseplates will be here today maybe Monday.  The mags a week from Monday.

1 comment:

  1. I just had my first experience with the abomination they call Surepost. Arrives at the UPS store, a day after it was supposed to be at my house. GO there, and they say its left, even though I signed up for auto notifications and it still shows its at the UPS store. They tell me it is at the Post office behind my house. (Literally BEHIND my house. Like on the other side of my fence) Go there, and they tell me it's been checked in, but there is no way to locate it in the semi truck it's in. Go home, look over the fence, see semi. Know my new boots are in that truck, and know they wont be delivered until tomorrow when I'm at work, while it's raining, and with all the package thefts that have been happening in the neighborhood lately...

    Yeah, Surepost sucks. It basically means you can be sure the post will come at a completely inconvenient and unreasonable manner.


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