10 January 2019

Gun Jeebus Speaks

Forgotten Weapons has put out on their FaceBook page to spend your money elsewhere with regards to Classic Firearms.

The funny thing is I was kinda interested in the gun shown.  The link in the sales email I got from them goes to a 404 page.  This is unusual for them because out of stock normally dumps to the item with "out of stock" in place of the order link.

They're not what I'd call a top tier vendor, but the number of competitors in the C&R and surplus market is getting smaller every year.  Who's left?  J&G and Apex?  I know SOG is gone and one other whose name escapes me in the past year.

1 comment:

  1. I was interested in that gun as well, though the price put me off. It was a moot point since I got an "Out of Stock" message right after the email came out.
    I've bought minor things from them before, no guns, and haven't had any issues. I have noticed that many of their highly touted sales prices aren't anything special.


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