07 January 2019

I Am Not The First To Notice

I am intensely fortunate that none of the ignorant things I said when I was 15-24 have a forever record on the internet like people who were 15-24 when social media started to become commonplace.

Couple that with the zero-tolerance, no-forgiveness culture we're breeding and soon there won't be anyone who can do anything because they said something stupid twenty years ago.


  1. I can still find posts I made on USENET in the 1980s if I search on Google Groups and a few other USENET archives. But yeah, sooner or later this insane "culture" is going to implode. It can't fail soon enough.

  2. I still cringe when I think of some of the things I said when I was young and dumb. Probably wouldn't be employable now. On a side note I was reading through some of your posts and seen one about you going to a little theater in Safety Harbor Fl. Lived up on 13th ave. until 99. Loved that little town. Also your workbench has an unusual collection of items that you have to look closely to take all in. Thanks Al(Alicia is wife)

  3. Hey Angus;

    I am so glad that social media wasn't around when I was a GI, staggering back to the barracks totally hammered wouldn't bode well for my job prospects, plus all the butts I grabbed, while stationed in Germany for 5 years ( and they were willing) this zero defect society will cause problems. Nobody decent will run.

  4. The internet has nothing on my Mom's memory. Trust me.


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