19 January 2019

Before You Start Tinkering

Men must be made into women. Women are the perfect working model; men are the defective deviation from the proper functioning of the model.

h/t Ace
I hate to break it to all the people trying to tinker with a system they don't understand and constantly reveal their lack of understanding by making sweeping claims...

Sexual dimorphism is a proven species survival strategy.

Elimination of the masculine values will have unintended consequences we don't have metrics to measure.  We will regret doing it.

The good thing is there's been instant push-back for the Gillette ad and there's going to be a push against the APA "ruling".

In effect they're conflating the shorter lifespan of the male of the species with masculinity.

What they're missing but hard while condemning stoicism is that is the core of restraint that's part and parcel of being a man.

Eliminate the stressor of self restraint and men will become the brutes that we're constantly accused of being by people who couldn't spell dimorphism, let alone define it.

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