31 January 2019

On Getting Sucked In

There's a couple topics, like abortion, I do try to avoid because there's just no answer that's satisfactory for everyone.

They're also topics where people have strong opinions and want to bring you to understand and agree with them.

Oft times these people are folks you don't want to just say, "FUCK OFF!" as your rebuttal because they're not really being dicks.  Hell, they were being polite in expressing their position.

They're simply disagreeing.  There's room for disagreement and debate.


I just don't want to debate it.

My reasons for my position are personal.  They're also subjective.

My reasoning is flawed because it's not a reasoned opinion.  I'm bruised and bloody from trying apply reason to so many things.  My response is often a feral attack on the person who, upon seeing I've expressed an opinion, informs me of theirs.

That's a bit unfair, no?


  1. Nah, it's all good. After all, if you can't express yourself here, why have it?

    And, really, are there people who are cheering New York and Virginia, and if so, do you really want them as friends or people who you know and somewhat respect?

    1. It's not the cheerleaders of the decision that make me knee jerk most.

      The worst disagreements are where you ALMOST agree.

    2. As to your earlier "Must Stay Quiet" post, well, I disagree. There needs to be open debate and discourse over abortion, or any other topic that the Proggies are pushing. Evil shies away from the light of reason.

      Are there reasonable instances when abortion can and maybe should be applied up to and post birth? Yes.

      Should those instances be the norm, which is what NY and VA are pushing? No. They should be the exception. And done for sounder reasons than "I don't want it." But that's my personal opinion, and in an educated and free society, you or anyone else can and should state your degree of agreement or disagreement to it.

      Same goes for guns, cars, self-driving cars, illegal drugs, civil asset forfeiture, health care and all the other issues facing us in our society. We should talk openly about all things, openly, without shouting the other person down.

      By the way, did you see where the NY Slimes is talking about how the Supremes will be expanding gun rights? Now that is double speak if I ever heard it


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