29 January 2019


9.2 pounds loaded means it gets lighter as you shoot.  8.1 by the time you're empty.

That is very light for 7.62x51mm in my opinion.

But it sure is FUN!

We caught the one and only stoppage with this gun on the above vid.  It also, occasionally, doesn't feed the first round by slapping the bolt release.  That's aggravating because the charging handle is teh suxxor.

Just blasting away at 25 21 yards gave a minute of bad-guy pattern.

Combined effort from Willard and I.  We could prolly get a better zero, but we didn't wanna fiddle with the fiddly rear adjustments.
The hard plastic buttplate and light weight mean you need to pay attention to getting shouldered good and tight.  Something we both forgot at least once during the shooting.

Then we switched to something more whimsical!

Muzzle flash from .30 Carbine and 7.5" of barrel is cool!

It groups pretty darn well considering we were both shaking from shoulder battering.

Me at the upper -1 and center -0.  Willard at the others.  All at 7 yards.

It's not unpleasant to shoot.  Recoil is less than .357 Magnum.  The frustrating thing about this, and all Blackhawks in .3something I've fired is the ejector rod doesn't line up well with the cylinders.  It makes it a guessing game to get the brass out.

The down moment of this trip was the M1956A2 is still not working right.  It ran fine for most of the .308 challenge, but has been stuffing the spent round back into the action rather than ejecting it since then.  New extractor springs did not cure the problem.  It exists regardless of ammo or magazine change.

Still groups really good!

Gonna get a bolt refresh kit and swap out all the rest of the springs.

If that doesn't work we're considering changing out the bolt carrier assembly or getting a heavier buffer and springs.

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  1. A heavier buffer and spring will slow down the bolt. You probably need to lighten the buffer to speed up the bolt to allow full bolt retraction and ejection. If the buffer was too light the bolt would be banging on the back of the receiver at full stroke. I would try a lighter buffer first. Good luck!!


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