29 July 2021

Dang It's Been A Long Time

Back when FuzzyGeff first introduced me to GURPS I could translate back and forth between it and several game systems as I converted my campaigns to Evil Stevie's Second Role Playing Game (ESSRPG not making the naming cut in favor of Generic Universal Roleplaying System).

Now I'm trying to remember how many points is reasonable for an 8th level cleric so I tell if I'm overshooting the conversion.  I think the old rule of thumb was something like level x 25; so 8th level would be 200.  4e points are slightly different so 50 + (level x 25) tastes right for 250.

This dive has also got me studying the D&D alignment rules more closely than... um... like... EVER.

I just noticed that what makes you evil isn't doing bad things to others, it's simply being most concerned with yourself.

Under the D&D alignment system good is doing what benefits the maximum number of people; and that happens to be genocide, so be it.

An evil character could be an opponent to that genocide on the grounds that there was no benefit to themselves.

Not so clear cut as I'd thought!

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  1. I started work on a conversion of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (First Edition) to GURPS once. Basically, to make a character, you selected a race (with associated point cost) then rolled for beginning career (each career had certain skills and equipment attached, and cost points) and used the rest of your points to build YOUR character.

    If I could have got the thing published somehow, I'd have kept up with it.


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