29 July 2021

Shorthair The Outcast

Way back in the mists of time...

I was hired at no pay to play AD&D 2e.

The reason I say that is the group had a very rigid schedule and you were not to be late.

They met at the GM's house, 35 miles from my place.

Looking back I think I was primarily invited to show the bottom-dog in the pack that he could be replaced.  It made things a bit tense.

Being wedged into an existing party is always a headache at the best of times and this time was made worse by two giant elephants in the room.

First: I'd never played 2e before.

Second: I would be making a cleric.

The first wasn't so bad, AD&D is similar enough to AD&D2e that I could muddle through.

The second, though, was a lot harder.

I was totally out of my comfort zone.  I had not played any form of D&D for years at that point and wasn't even remotely familiar with the spell list.  I cannot remember why I was a cleric of a lawful-good deity, but it's on the character sheet.

I feel like the only actual choice I made during character creation was race.

Remember that set of Wemic stats I put up a few days ago?  That's because I'd run into the character sheet from...  1994?

Shorthair the Outcast is a Wemic who's been exiled from his tribe.  He cuts his mane to show that exile status.

Now that I've rediscovered this sheet, I'm setting myself to making a GURPS conversion.  I've even shelled out for the AD&D2e main books and a copy of Forgotten Realms at Drive Thru RPG to facilitate the transition.

There are notes in the margin, that I assume are restrictions on spells, but I can't remember if they're because the party didn't want me to take them or if it's some restriction of my character's faith.  Torm the True is what I have listed.

Nothing in the Forgotten Realms or Faiths and Avatars books say anything about spell restrictions for clerics of Torm.

I have now, officially, done more research on this character than I did when I was playing him.

Having the books helps a lot.  The DM didn't share the books and meted out knowledge as a means to keep us under his control.


  1. Replies
    1. East Des Moines when I lived in Ames.

    2. Oh, I don't recall who that was at this point. Maybe someone I didn't even know even though I probably lived somewhere in the Des Moines area at the time. Seems like a different lifetime. The 23rd was the 15th anniversary of a very dark day in my life so I've kind of been in a state of funk the past week.

    3. It was John Snodgrass, Jessica (his wife), Sheryl, McKelvey and ED! at John's house on E 38th.

      I was mainly brought on to show ED! that he could be replaced if they wanted to.

      I put up with that group three whole sessions before the workplace rules made me give up.

      The real breaking point was the division of paying for the pizza. I can't eat mushrooms and don't like bell peppers on pizza. So when they ordered two extra large deluxes and refused to order without... I had to order my own pie. When it came time to divvy up I was informed that I was on the hook for my entire pie AND 1/6th of the two I couldn't eat. Of note was the fact that I didn't get but 1/4 of my pizza and they had left-overs.


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