26 July 2021


I have cured the blurry reticle on the FACOG!

Just need to use the reading portion of my bifocals.

That just tells me that I need new glasses again.  Ugh!

This time around I'm going to take my optician's advice and get the reading prescription up in the inside top corner of the lenses too.

Getting old ain't for sissies!


  1. Hey, that's my line! Oh, wait, and a bunch of guys our age.

  2. I too had to raise the top edge of my glasses to quickly get a view through my scope. The down side is the line often interferes with day to day actvities. So there is that.


  3. My eyes are the opposite of normal. Unlike most people as they get older who can't see up close, my distance vision is what is bad. And even more weird... every few years my vision gets a tenth of a point... better. I asked the optometrist one time if I lived to be 100 would I have perfect vision. He said... Well, yes, if you live to 100. Well, that's not likely. Alas. Actually if I live into my 90s and things continue like this I might not need glasses to pass the eye exam for driving. But even that is unlikely.


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