20 July 2021

Devil's Advocate

This video analyzes JUST the New York (SPIT) Times article and Evan Hafer's response to the response generated from it.

It doesn't address his multiple donations to Actblue nor several employees of BRCC's donations to Actblue which predate the NY(S)T article.

It doesn't address BRCC linking to the article in the same manner as a business happy with what was published.

The donations to Democrats was discovered once people had kneejerked from the NY(S)T article.


  1. I had not heard of some of the other questionable acts by BRCC before the NYT article can't out. The more I learn the more I'm glad I'm no longer a customer of theirs.

    Just to many things that are off.

  2. BRCC can go F themselves. I don't even like coffee, but if I did, they'd not get a penny of my money. F them. F the ground they walk on. F them again. F right off. Liars. Liars. Go F yourselves BRCC.

  3. Okay, so they expected the eneMedia to report things fairly. Stupid right there.

    But... just look at the pretentious (male reproductive member) in his pretentious little man-bun outfit. Yikes! What douche-canoe wears something like that? And if he actually wears it, what does that say about his other personal choices, like who he donates to and such?

    As McThag says, what was uncovered afterwards was damning by itself. In totality, BRCC, though having entertaining commercials, is pretty much done.


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