20 July 2021

Early Wonder Nines

No CZ-75... but anyway.

I'm fascinated with the features they have in common.

The FN and Smith have magazine disconnects.

The Smith and Beretta are double-action, and have a decocking slide-mounted safety.  They also share the use of an aluminum alloy in the frame.

They all lave lanyard rings, as befits full size service pistols.


  1. yeah that's the missing link in my collection as well that runs from m1911a1 to beretta era guns of military origin. i should have bought one of the ones imported from iraeli police a couple years ago. they were rough but repairable. but hesitation has me staring out over the plain of destruction once again.

  2. My first 9mm was a Taurus 92AF INOX. It was a first gen that I bought as a off duty practice gun for my military shooting team. It was $180 cheaper than a Beretta but was almost identical except for the safety. My team chief called it a pimp gun as it was polished aluminum and stainless steel. Thirty years later he has the Gen 3 Taurus INOX.

    1. I've almost bought a Taurus 92 clone more than once. Almost...

      I disliked the grip on the M9 since day one and have only recently stopped being bothered by it.

      The Taurus shares the Beretta geometry, so it's been painted with the same brush.

      And that's my entire list of things I've found wrong with them.

      Frequent commenter, SoftwareJanitor, (meatspace friend too) bought one at the same time I bought my second Glock 17 Gen 1. He's prolly still got it. I wish I'd kept the Glock.

      Perhaps we can get him to give his long-term opinion of it.

      I remember him needing to have a gunsmith get it apart once because he had some reloads that failed to resize properly and one round locked it up but good.


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