20 July 2021

No No NO!

Looking around just to test the air about prices on the "missing" early Wonder-9; the CZ75.

I discovered that Tanfoglio made a copy of the Cz in .38 Super.

Darn it.

I like my .38 Super 1911.  It'd be fun to have a second pistol in the caliber.


  1. They made a couple of variants (Tanfoglio, that is). I had the “carry” model, for lack of a better term.
    It was fun in that you could load it up as hot as the brass could handle and scare the beejeezus out of everyone at the range (imagine 15 rounds of rapid fire .357 level reports).
    However, it also meant that I lost twice as much brass at a time compared to my 1911, and that stuff ain’t cheap, even 15 years ago.
    Loud and fun, but the lack of cheap, easily available ammo gets old quick.

  2. I've my Great-uncle John's Super 38. S/N dates it to 1949. Think he was original owner.
    Had all the springs replaced when I inherited it. Also replaced the sights (don't worry, I kept them!). Shooters back then must have had better eyes.
    Just got it back from BarSto who installed a new barrel and bushing.
    Have had but one outing with it. Not enough ammo to find what the barrel likes.

    1. My Gov't Model in .38 Super dates to 2012. I've made it more of an A1 than it came from Colt, but they did include better sights than were available in 1929.

      I changed the mainspring housing to an arched one, twice since I also wanted a lanyard loop.

      The pig's tooth bonded ivory just made it mine.

    2. Link to pic: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50099691962_a1ddab0bd5_b.jpg

  3. All the early Tanfoglio .38 Super shooters that I know from the practical shooting world (IPSC) had multiple slide stop pin breakages when shooting Major power factor loads.

    I suspect 125 grain projectiles at 1440+ fps were a little more than the original designers considered "appropriate".

    Somebody came up with a replacement part that used piano wire for the through pin, and that seemed to solve the issue.

    I haven't heard of any issues on the newer guns, so either the factory fixed it, or the current lower power factor rules have mitigated the problem.


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