22 July 2021

Serious Case Of Unrequited Want

The FN Grand Browning will never be economically made, if it is ever produced.

Tis a pity.  I bet there's a small market for such a gun, but it'd be at least a grand.

He did the Colt 1910 too:


  1. Could not find or afford one, for a while had a FEG Israeli made knockoff of the High Power just to have a close example to play with. Yeah, if they made them new there would be a market at the $1K price point.

    1. Nothing wrong with the FEG made HP. Marv took this route while I went with a genuine FN.

      We both bought from the ex-Israeli pile of guns that Cole's had before their disastrous fire.

      I escaped with paying $515 with shipping and transfer. The Boy bought me a pair of colo-bolo grips.

      Marv paid $342 for his FEG. I got him a set of walnut stocks.

      You'd be hard pressed to tell them apart except for markings before we started adding better wood.

  2. Then there was my time with a Star B. Every third round would jam. Drove me nuts as all 3 magazines that came with it did exactly the same thing. Stripped it. The extractor was new and clean, it must have been refurbished by seller (Argentine police I think), springs were good, feed ramp good, not a damned thing wrong with the firearm. So that left the magazines. Purchased a new magazine. Put it side by side with the old ones and bingo, feed lips were totally different shape (or old were worn and beat to heck). New magazine and no more jamming. Sigh.

    1. I know this one!

      The Star B was designed for steel cased ammo. Specifically German military issue 9x19mm. Use a lacquered steel case and you will stop having feed problems with the original mags. Wolf is a polymer coated case, with the same problem as brass.

      Brass has a different lubricity against steel than steel on steel so the feed lip tension lets brass rounds out under recoil.

      Your replacement magazines have a better geometry than the originals.

      Go-Go! Aftermarket!

  3. I have two Star's, one in 9x19 and the other in 9mm Largo. I had the same experience with magazine issues in the 9x19. I'll have to try some steel case ammo in it. The one in 9mm Largo I have only shot original Spanish surplus ammo that I bought from SARCO (where I bought the pistols). The surplus ammo performs as expected. I do have a couple mags for the 9x19 which work OK, but one that is no bueno. I'm curious as to which aftermarket company makes mags for these and where they can be found. I should check if Mec-Gar makes them. They seem to make a fairly decent mag for a lot of pistols.

  4. Alas, it appears Mec-Gar doesn't make mags for Star pistols. Both Pro-Mag and Triple-K do, but I've found those brands to be a little hit or miss. I may have to try a few to see if they work unless someone else has other ideas. I haven't taken the Stars to the range in a while, they are probably past due to send a few downrange.

  5. Looks like my previous reply got whacked somehow... Anyway. I have two Star pistols, one in 9x19 and the other in 9mm Largo. The one in 9mm Largo has only been fed surplus Spanish ammo that I bought from SARCO (where I got the pistols). No real issues with it or any of the mags. I've experienced similar feed issues with the one in 9x19. I have a few mags that work OK, but one that is no bueno. I will have to try some steel case ammo. I also was looking online and unfortunately Mec-Gar who usually makes pretty decent mags for most pistols does not make mags for Star Pistols. Both Pro-Mag and Triple-K do, but I've usually found those two brands to be hit or miss. I may have to try a few and see if they work unless someone has other suggestions for aftermarket mags that are good for the Star pistols.

    1. It didn't get whacked, it was waiting in moderation.

  6. Oh, my impatience then. Something weird happened with the "Comment as" when I first submitted it so I thought maybe it had gone into the ether somewhere.


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