03 April 2024

Donut Run!


Because Krispy Kreme is, apparently, owned by some kind of evil Zionist according to some Hamas boot-licker...

I drove the 114 miles to Gainsville and their 24-hour store instead of waiting until 0600 for the nearest location to open and snagged me a dozen donuts.  6-Kreme filled and 6 chocolate covered.

It was actually secondary to testing the mileage of The Beast with DOD disabled.

25 mpg.

Not too shabby for a two-ton car and a V8.

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  1. I didn't know there was a video out there for that song! I remember buying that album (So Sexist! by Chemical People) in 1988 at the little record store/head shop in Campustown area of Ames. On 12" vinyl. I bought it because Jeanna Fine was on the cover... I didn't even know then that she was a pr0n star. Anyway I had no idea what I was getting, but it turned out to be interesting. In a weird twist, the record label it is on, Cruz Records re-located from California to the small town of Taylor, TX a number of years ago because owner Greg Ginn (formerly of Black Flag) moved there... Taylor is only about 20 minutes from here. I only found that out when I went online to order the whole Chemical People catalog on CD and I was surprised by the return address on the package when it arrived.. I guess because of that they threw in a bunch of extra stuff (stickers, Greg Ginn and Goodby Harry CDs, etc) which was super cool. Anyway, one of the Chemical People CDs is a set of sound tracks from pr0n movies that they did. Dave Nazworthy who I think was the only constant member of that band also did a lot of photography work for pr0n mags and directed a few pr0n movies from what I understand.

    Super cool that you found that. Brings back memories of donut runs back in the day.


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