21 April 2024

Upside Yah Head

"Sarge, I forgot my helmet!"

2d+2 cr against an unarmored skull still gets DR 2 from the bone, like a small mace or the hammer side of a martel de fer.

An average two-handed hit from a ST 14 dude will, on average, deliver 9 points of raw damage.

Minus 2 for the bones.

Times 4 for hitting the brain.

28 points of damage.

Two death rolls for a HT 10 mook and almost halfway to auto death.

A max damage roll would get 12 past the skill for 48 points of damage and 4 death rolls.

The typical 12 HP PC would fare a bit better.

The average roll will just barely get a death roll.

Max will get three death rolls.

In both cases they're major wounds to the head and bonuses to being knocked over and penalties to not losing consciousness apply.

Kids, remember, wear your helmet! 


If my much smaller, and weaker, ass swung it one handed at an unprotected noggin...

1d+2 cr will do 3-8 points of raw damage with an average of 5  This will get 4-24, average 12, points against the HP of the target.  On average the victim is looking to roll for consciousness, but not in danger of dying unless they fail that roll.  Getting a death roll is possible, but I'd have to roll well.

Two handed changes the raw damage by just a point, delivering 8-28, average 16.

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