19 April 2024

Martel De Fer

 Do you have a pick with a hammer face?

I do!

2.2 lb. of 1055 steel and American straight grain hickory...  Sold by Midway, marketed by Cold Steel, made by an American Tomahawk Co. manufactured in Taiwan...  It doesn't appear to be THE American Tomahawk Co. either.

Not ATC's logo...

If I had a nickel for every California cancer warning about nickel...

The langettes are sheet metal and installation is DIY.  The included screws are cheap as all fuck.  Pilot holes are your friend.

It's fun, though.  Especially since it was on sale for almost 43% off.  I can feature a $46 mertel de fer, I can't feature an $80 one.

A couple of whacks on our chopping stump shows that it works.  The hammer face leaves an impression, the pick side gets stuck, like it's supposed...

If I have statted myself correctly with a ST of 11...  It should do 1d+2 imp on the pick side and 1d+2 cr on the hammer side.


  1. Now, if we can just get Leon to turn away for a moment. How do you say; "Look, a squirrel!!" in Russian?


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