12 April 2024

Ogre I Through VI


With an M1A1 for scale.

I'd intended to do them all in glow-in-the-dark, but SJGames didn't offer I, II and VI in anything but black.

I have a black III and V.

I have a glow in the dark Fencer, but a black Dopplesnolder.


  1. Nice! I saw the Kickstarter, or at least the most recent one, but since I was already in the BattleTech one and had moved away from the group who actually played Ogre in the old days... The figs do look nice though.

    1. I suck so bad at playing Ogre it's not even funny. I find it odd because I was a fair hand at BattleTech back in the day. I do decent at historical tank stuff too.

    2. Lawrence and I used to play Ogre sometimes, back in the day when we rode the dinosaur to school. I didn't get that much into it, mostly because Lawrence is vastly better at it than I am. I'm a proud member of the "I Suck So Bad At Playing Ogre" club.

      I was kind of interested in Car Wars, but I never found anybody else who was.

      ==Dwight Brown

  2. I still haven't played it, but might have purchased the PC version a while back anyway. I'd play Car Wars, if I knew anyone in eastern SD who did that sort of thing.

  3. I wonder how an Ogre would compare to a Landkreuzer 1000, that crazy supertank the Germans were planning to build in WWII?

    1. The Landkruezer P.1000 Ratte isn't even as good as a light tank in Ogre terms. Worse, it's as big as a Mk III, but has no appreciable armor or a single viable weapon.

      Two units of infantry would have it dead in a matter of minutes.

      Remember, the only weapons fired in Ogre that're NOT a nukes are the AP guns that can only take out infantry.

  4. I managed to score about a dozen old Avalon Hill and other publishers' board games at Treasure Aisles flea market this morning, for about $5.00 each. Several of them come with miniatures, and I want to keep all of them. I had AH's 1914 as a kid back in the late 60s, along with other games, but Mom threw them out when I went into USAF in 1977. She hated "games that promoted violence", and also threw out my 200 plus WWII book collection, despite her promise to keep them until I finished my enlistment.

    Realistically, I'll keep the games I really want, and sell the others. But the 1914, and Victory in the Pacific, are staying with me until the Collapse.

    As to Ogre, and other early Steve Jackson games, sigh. I played thousands of hours on those games, as opposed to working on cars or reading P!ayboy like my peers. I never had figures for it, but I'm going to look into them after I get my next allowance from my better half.


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