13 April 2024

The Pistol I Am Least Likely To Shoot

The pistol I'm least likely to shoot is the one that's in my pocket all the time.

Ironic, isn't it.

The range rules prevent me from pulling it out of my pocket to shoot it, so it tends to stay there, lest I be unarmed to and from the range.

Today I planned better and packed different heat.

Two 13-round and one 10-round magazine at seven yards.

I am reminded that the Shield Plus is louder than the 9-Compact.

It's a little harder to control and shoot fast, but I think that's a decent minute of bad-guy group.

Even better, it fired just fine caked in pocket lint.


  1. Ask them if it is acceptable to "change" in the bathroom. One of the ranges around here has a similar rule. That's the workaround. You simply take a cased handgun with you to the bathroom and switch if for your conealed one. Yes it's arbitrary and a little silly. Apparently it makes their insurance happy for some reason.

  2. Oh damn... I keep forgetting... -swj


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