16 April 2024

It's A Good Question

Second City Cop asks, where's the outrageHere too.

If you're going to have any chance of convincing us that black lives matter, then you're going to have to start acting like they actually matter.

At present, it seems they only matter if they were career criminals who finally came to a predictable end by the hands of an officer attempting to arrest them.

Then we recount all the wonderful things they might have been if they had not been prevented from turning their lives around... by getting killed resisting arrest.

So, race baiters, why don't you get pissed off at a birthday party being sprayed with gunfire and innocent children being murdered?

I'll suggest a real reason, just in case they have a justification to ignore the violence unless it's cops.

Criminals committing violence doesn't lead to a payout to the families of the victims or the race baiters.  Likewise, stopping criminals from committing violence reduces the power the race baiter wields rather than enhancing it.

Much the same way equal rights and meritocracy is anathema to them.


  1. One of the people I worked with on a project lived in Chicongo but stayed in Milwaukee during the work week near the work site. He told us that his home was in a bad part of town with a lot of diversity. One of his neighbor's sons got whacked and after some run of the mill rioting the mama hit the dindu lottery. She was swamped with flyers for expensive cars, bling, food and the like. He was convinced that many of these companies were sponsoring riots.

  2. The news media is heavily manned by people who down deep, WANT a blacks-vs.-whites civil war. This is partly due to "if it bleeds, it leads," and partly due to unearned guilt and ethnomasochism. The fact that, in any such scenario, the blacks would end up losing heavily and be dreadfully worse off doesn't enter their rattle-empty heads. All they want is to "afflict the comfortable," and to them, all whites, no matter how poor and down-at-heels, are "the comfortable."


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