14 February 2016


I've put my finger on what's bothered me about several gun schools I've seen advertised.

How is what they teach applicable to the real world?

I've attended one that is sure to improve my times in a two gun match (and probably did), but having been there and done that:  Shit they teach will get your ass killed dead on a two-way range.

I've attended one where MY goal was to prove my gun would last, but it was, for me, a rehash of what I'd learned in one-station-unit-training.

I've never failed to have fun at a gun school.  A shitty day shooting is still a pretty durn good day.

I've called a couple of the pistol schools around here and the focus is on IPDA times with a veneer of self defense application.

I cannot help but think that one that's out of business now was sending students out to become inmates because they got real cagey when I started asking about legally applying what I would learn in a real situation.

A real elephant in the room with too many schools has been the physicality of them.

I've a bum leg.  I'm not running anywhere.  I'm not humping a ruck anywhere.  I'm not sprinting.

Good thing there's a gimp league two-gun match twice a year!  Have sundials, will record split times!

Advice about schools also hits the wall of funding.  Give us $700+ and bring 2,000+ rounds of ammo some place that costs $300 to get to and another $250 in lodging to attend...

That's non-trivial for me.

I am old enough that I am just not going to be yelled at or publicly humiliated by someone I've hired to teach me.  Employers don't get screamed at by their employees.  Too many of these web pages appear to be offering the girlfriend Basic Training® Experience; including screaming instructors and calisthenics.  (If I shoot someone who screams at me that they will, "PT you until you fucking die!", is that self-defense?)


  1. Same goes for martial-arts schools, particularly the ones that purport to teach "self-defense" and "street defense." A lot of the moves they teach will get their pupils tossed into jail if they use them in RL.

    1. Try an Appleseed. Low cost, found in all 50 states. Good instruction that will benefit almost any shooter and you will feel better about your country or at least be committed to it.

    2. They've got one periodically not too far away. Round count is a problem still, but a smaller issue when you strip travel and lodging from the equation.

      Being the idiot I am, I'd just HAVE to take the class with an AR...

  2. I've never been to one of the classes you describe. I don't think I've ever had to run once in 300+ hours of gun school.

    1. You've never been to one? That marks you as a smart shopper!

      I've found most of them from links in Arfcom, and it seems like these places are thick on the ground in Southern Florida. It seems to exist at the overlap of crossfit and likes guns.

      I keep looking because I can't afford a top notch class, and find there's no such thing as a bargain out there.

    2. What specific sort of training are you looking for?


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