25 February 2016

Day At The Range

Willard got his new-to-him Russian Coach Gun some trigger time.

I got The Lovely Harvey's Kevina zeroed to her new scope.

Walking the bursts!  That's 32 clicks up and 16 right each time.  With a final 8 right before...

The ten shot confirmation group.  At 25 yards, damn! I'm good with a rifle.
Next up was Dottie.

That's a three shot group!
Pressing my luck, I fired seven more in a group of five and a group of two (because I only had the 5-round magazine and had to reload.)
Dottie really likes Hornady 110gr V-Max.  I think I'll buy more of it.  Actually, I've been pretty pleased with Hornady in general for ammo.  Plus the Z-Max line showed they had a sense of humor.

Update:  Quote of the day from Marv, "You're wasting the whole rest of the paper shooting like that!"

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