12 February 2016

How Did That Happen

With the announcement that 7th Sea is likely going to get a 2nd edition, Black Sails running a third season on Starz and a general interest in swashbuckling...

I decided it was time to convert my Mary Sue quartermaster to 4e from 3e.

My 1650's pirate campaign was a 100/40/5 game.

Dougal MacConnor has 230 points on his sheet.

Clearly the campaign ran longer and more successfully than I'd remembered.

Lots of fun memories from that group of players, and the combination was magic.

We had spectators watching us perform as our characters in the game.

Our captain, William Rathburn, often growled, "Right!"

This led to the rest of us replying, in unison, "Left!"

Then one day he says, "Up!" after we say "Left!"

So we say, "Down!"

He says, "In!"

We say, "Out!"

Triumphantly he shouts, "SPURT!"

The master gunner laughingly (and looking proud of himself) says, "Kinda premature, ain't it?"

The captain's player replies, in his gravelly Cap'n Rathburn voice, "Quit yer bitchin', I got some on ye, didn't I?"

And the crowd goes wild...

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  1. I used to trade emails with the late Christopher Hitchens after he gave out his email address on a late-night show (he was also in the DC phonebook for anyone who wished to phone him), on one occasion we were trading verses of the obscene sea shanty The Good Ship Venus. I regret his premature death more and more every day, he'd have had a fine time commenting on the 2016 presidential race (and probably supporting Bernie Sanders).


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