17 February 2016

Majored In Debate Did You

It really shows!

"You're wrong," is a statement.  But it's not really a refutation of my position.  You need to say more than that for it to be an argument.

A related stream from people who think they're making an argument is...  Not sure how to succinctly say it...

I've put forth, at least a few times, that globull warmering is a huge hoax.  It is at the least academic fraud.  A part of the hoax/fraud is the media buying the argument as THE TRUTH®™ and both attacking people who disagree with THE TRUTH®™ and ignoring any science that refutes the THE TRUTH®™.

 Burying me in quotes from that very same media does not refute my claim they are either lying to their own ends or simply misguided.

I know many gun owners have had a reverse Murry Gell-Mann moment with the press.  We've caught them lying about guns so many times that we've started to wonder if they're telling the truth about anything; especially when they all agree so strongly.  Particularly when they're advocating for changes to be made in lifestyles and laws.

Most of the people who do this don't really have a position of their own, they just like to win arguments.  They don't care what your position is beyond showing you're wrong and will use anything at hand to "refute" you.

When you walk away and never talk to them again, they think they won.

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