28 January 2016

Hot Rod Power Tour 2016

"How much?" I innocently asked when the pre-registration email arrived...

For multi-day it's $105.70.  That's the long-hauler pass too.

To find that price you have to complete the entire registration form, including CELL phone number, birthdate, license plates, and insurance information.

 I'm not a long-hauler this year.  The nearly $900 in hotel rooms is the main reason.

I might go from Gonzales, LA to Austin, TX because I can crash on a couch in Austin!


  1. If you do make it to Gonzalez, let me know. Its like a half hour from me. I've only commented recently, but I've been lurking here for over a year. If I'm free the day you're in Gonzalez, I'll come down to meet you and buy you a beer.

    1. The Power Tour is in Gonzales June 11. I'd arrive the night before.

      Still in the planning stage, watch the blog for a decision.


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