30 January 2016

Safety Gun

Even with a mismatched pair of mold halves and a former broken off inside the bolt-catch detent pocket...

You can mock up what it will become someday.

In this state with no trigger or safety...

The magazine well is correctly formed USGI magazines are drop free.

The action cycles correctly and dry feeds ammo.

Some lessons learned.

You cannot use a rifle stock on this lower.  They've extended the receiver extension boss to the rear about 3/16" to make it stronger, and that keeps a rifle extension from threading in far enough to capture the buffer retainer.

Don't try to pull the bolt-catch detent pocket former out with pliers directly.  Clear the hole and use the pliers on a paper-clip like the instructional video showed you.

The take-down pins are TIGHT, remember to bring tools to where you're taking it apart.

We played with making different colors.  We can make a reasonable match for the purple stock and have a good recipe for Zombie Green.

This lower will be destroyed.  They accidentally sent Marv a pre-production mold half and that made a step in the trigger guard.

There is also a learning process in getting the thing out of the mold, Marv broke part of the trigger guard prying on it and broke off the aforementioned former.

AR15Mold is stand up about this though!  Because of the mismatched halves, they are shipping him a new mold set and enough resin for five more pours, in addition to the ten he'd ordered originally.


  1. Neat! I'm interested to see long-term durability on something like this. And what does the cost break down to over 10 units?

  2. A ten pour kit is $443.39. Ten pours of resin without the mold is $233.

    It can get you a lower quite cheaply, on a per lower basis.

    A pity that the lower is such a small part of the overall cost of an AR.


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