23 January 2016


That New England Westinghouse M-1917 Mosin that was for sale last May?

Sold for the full asking price.  $1,899.

Proof that you never know where prices are going to end up, because this was prolly a "hey do you want this gun?" free from someone who worked at the Florida Capital Building way back when they found several crates in a basement closet.


  1. Huh.

    Makes me wonder what mine'd bring. Finnish marked, import marks, and no flaming pisspot, but I seem to recollect only giving, like, two or two-fitty for it back in '07.

  2. Four of 'em on GB, with opening bids between $350 and $749. Nobody's biting on any of them at the moment.

  3. In addition to the Fiery Chamber Pot, it was numbers matching all original.

    Most every Finn 91 I've ever seen had been through the scrambled parts bin restoration process. And all of them have had the Metric ranges added.

    When I got my Kiv/91 they were going for $450-$500 regardless of the maker, and I stopped paying much attention to prices once I got mine (1941 VKT on a NEW receiver).

    1. That was May '15 for those prices. I also recall that they weren't near so dear until I started collecting money to buy, then suddenly...


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