10 January 2016

The Shine Didn't Last Long

Despite its record box office...

I notice that Star Wars has kind of dropped off the radar of people that I expected to be chattering about the minutia until Easter.

The good news is they'll still bitch about Episode 1 if you give them even a hint.

The not talking about Ep7 means it was solidly good, but not really super great.

At this point we've become so Stockholm'd we're grateful for good.

PS: You'll note that Star Wars does not get a Science Fiction label.  I maintain to this day that neither Star Wars or Star Trek really meet the bar for Science Fiction.  Yes, I am a snob about it.


  1. Just watched that tonight, actually. I think part of it is that it's no longer the first of its kind. I've watched some documentaries and such on the rise and fall of the Star Wars universe, and they made a big deal about how for all that it "borrowed" heavily from other science fiction, the way it put it all together into a film was pretty groundbreaking. Now the stage has been set, and the big amazing setpieces are the norm, so it's just a good movie in a familiar universe. Good is unremarkable, where a bad film in such a beloved series is an affront to everyone and will be complained about forever.

    On the other hand, I'm one of those that's vaguely aware movies exist other than when something is made a really big deal of, so my analysis on the topic probably warrants a heaping spoonful of salt.

    Star Wars is definitely pure space opera, although I'd be inclined to say Star Trek nominally makes the cut for science fiction. It's doing that thing where the venn diagram bubbles touch without actually overlapping (or, it was back in the day when stuff wasn't now just regular science, for the things not powered by handwavium)

  2. Star Trek is much closer to SciFi, but it disqualifies with its staunch refusal to make an assumption and keep to it.

    Particle of the week and all the sundry ways the transporter malfunctions should have changed that society positively (and are ignored) are but a few of the examples.


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