01 October 2016

Ace Of Aces

Because I record my missions in loving detail from Strike Fighters...

My current pilot has shot down five enemy aces!

Three in 1956 in an F-100D and now two more in 1962 in an F-104C.

All five are guns kills.


You know they're aces because their names are displayed rather than the plane type.

"Red Tide" campaign, 509th Fighter-Bomber Squadron flying from Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Airbase, West Germany.

03Dec56: Major Ernst Bashman: MiG-17F with F-100D 55-2814.
05Dec56: Captain Leonid Ohay: MiG-15bis with F-100D 56-3386.
23Dec56: Major Arkady Ges: MiG-15bis with F-100D 56-3438.

"Red Thunder" campaign, 435th Fighter Squadron (Day) "Eagles" flying from Twenthe Airbase, Netherlands.

10Nov62: Captain Imant Dokasherniko: MiG-19S with F-104C (with Project Grindstone update) 57-0917.
10Nov62: Lieutenant Colonel Juri Belousov: MiG-19S with F-104C (with Project Grindstone update) 57-0917.

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