01 October 2016

Coil Short

One of these springs
Is not like the other
Can you tell me
Do you know?

The top spring is a brand new Wolff PPK spring for Willard's PPK/S.  The bottom one came with the gun.

It was deliberately cut!  The end shows the distinctive marks of side-cutters.

I think this explains the low price point of the pistol at a local pawn shop.  Someone probably cut that coil on purpose and managed to make it unreliable, they pawned it off on someone else, lather rinse repeat until it settled into our local store.

The slide was kind of sluggish with the cut spring and the barrel opening shows the effects of the jagged end.  On the other end of the spring, the wire is flattened from firing and the slide slamming all the way back to coil bind...

We're not sure what Bubba was trying to accomplish by cutting the spring.

1 comment:

  1. I have no idea....the only thing that comes to mind is that maybe his wife/daughter thought the slide was too hard to rack so he "Fixed" it, maybe?


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