08 October 2016


I have, myself, railed on about politiweasels being RINOs.

This creates a bit of dissonance.

On one hand, I am not totally happy with things that either party espouses.  Even Republicans.

On the other, I think that if you claim a party affiliation and run on that affiliation, then you accept the platforms and positions of that party.

You don't go rogue, you don't go maverick.

You don't use them to elected and then ignore it.

It's the most dishonest thing a politician can do, in a world of very low bars of dishonesty to clear.

There's things that RINO's did that I'm not opposed to personally.

I'd much rather, though, see Government out of the these things than getting Government to run them better.

I think that The Constitution agrees with me and we've decades of all three branches actively ignoring the plain meaning of that text and that every party that's ever gotten someone elected has participated in it since day one.

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