09 October 2016

No Effect

What Mr Trump had to say ten years ago did not change the minds of anyone who supported him before the revelation.

Nor did it change the minds of anyone who was supporting Hillary.

The question is what effect it will have on people who are somehow undecided?

I am thinking that as fed up as everyone is with GOPe and as often as they and media predicted Donald's demise and departure from the race, they're wrong about the negative effects of this gaffe as well.

I'd also like to point out, as a man who is somewhat vulgar on occasion, that we don't do this out of the blue and keep doing it if we're the only one.

The person Mr Trump was talking to had to have been participating as well, and that creates a reinforcing loop as the comments get cruder and cruder.

In a way it's reassuring.  Trump behaved like a Man.

If we can condemn Mrs Clinton for having female behaviors then condemning Mr Trump for male behaviors is fair game.

Likewise, if we cannot criticize Mrs Clinton for being a woman, then criticizing Mr Trump for being a man is off limits.

Otherwise it's not equality.  I thought Liberals wanted equality.

Oh, right...

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