21 January 2017

Clearing Out

If you've been following my dye adventures with bated breath, you might wanna hit Midway for your magazines.

They have sand PMAGs on clearance and the price keeps dropping.

The mags that Geff and I bought were $11.45 each last week and last night had dropped to $10.07.

That's a hella deal on Gen M3 PMAGs!


  1. I see 2 possible reasons behind this:
    1. Some companies made extra inventory expecting a rush when Hilary got elected.
    2. The market is saturated so prices are dropping and over time they will stabilize at a marginal price, with smaller or more expensive players leaving the market or focusing on niche products instead of competing on common 'commodity' products like AR-15 and mags.
    3. Now that Magpul is settled in its new home and cranking out mags for the Marines, their per unit cost for civilians has dropped and they are passing on the savings.
    Yes, I know that is 3 - the third one is Magpul specific.
    I believe we will see a lot of number 2 over the next year or 2. I am not in a hurry to but more ammo or new guns since I expect them to get cheaper and more plentiful over that time, so I am looking more at training, old guns, and other peripherals for the time being.

    1. It's just the one color so I think they simply overestimated how popular dyeing magazines would be.

      I know I am late in discovering it. People actually trying out the dyeing and sharing their experience are thin on the ground.


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