12 March 2020

Almost Ready To Head Up Kettle Hill

My M1894 Mills patent cavalry pattern cartridge belt arrived today!

I need a new hat and a saber.

...and a horse.  And saddle, and uniform and...

The 1894 Mills belt holds 100 rounds of .30-40 and 12 rounds of .38 Long Colt in double loops.

1 lb. 4.5 oz. empty; 6 lb. 4.1 oz. loaded with all the .30-40 I own.

I don't have an M1892 revolver or any .38 Long Colt ammunition for the pistol loops but, as shown in the picture, lots of volunteer cavalry brought their own sidearms.

Some .38 Special in the pistol loops just for photographic purposes.  No way I could stretch them to .45 Colt, which probably came up in the Philippines.

The infantry pattern of this belt lacks the pistol ammo loops and...

This little loop to hang your M1860 light cavalry saber from.  If issued, I am fairly certain that few, if any, were actually taken to Cuba by the volunteers.  They didn't take their horses either.

The buckle is a wonder of expedient simplicity:


  1. Didn't think the RRs had sabers.

    For that matter, I'm not sure any of our cavalry still carried sabers in '98.

    1. The M1860 light saber was still official issue until replaced by the Patton saber just in time for WW1...

      Not that the troopers actually received many. Those that did got really creative in leaving them behind.

      I think that the Rough Riders were on the list to be issued sabers and revolvers as supplies became available and the whole thing was over before they were.


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