31 March 2020

How Can I Be So Callous

I expressed no concern at the idea that celebrities were being affected by Wu Ping Cough and some were even dying from it.

I was asked, "what would you do if they all died and there were no more TV shows or movies?"

My reply was flippant and we all laughed.

But I just realized just how much of my movie library is cast by corpses.

Children born during the production of many of these films are in danger of dying of old age today.

I guess if it came down to it, I'd be OK with what I already have.

But I also don't expect there to be a vacuum in entertainers for very long.

1 comment:

  1. One reason for why the "entertainment" industry gets away with being as abusive as it often is, is because the supply of talent is much greater than the demand. If we shot everybody involved in movies and TV several times over, there'd still be enough talent around to make sure that the usual deluge of drivel wouldn't stop.


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