26 March 2020

We're Wondering

Marvyn has had a dry cough for a few weeks (months?) now.

It started before the scare and it's been irritating him.

Last night we were hanging out on the back porch and wondering if he's managed to catch a mild case of it.

The cough is his only symptom.

We're old enough, now, to know how our bodies react to the familiar seasonal diseases.

He's saying that he's not feeling all the other things that normally come with a cough and a cold or flu.

Now I'm starting to wonder if what appeared to be an exceptionally bad allergy season isn't a case too.

If my wild speculation that it's been here since December, then having a case shouldn't be surprising.

We're not panicking, we're curious.

We're also not going to waste a test package without more definite symptoms until said packages become more freely available.


  1. If Marv's family has any history of cancer, go get an x-ray just because. Fastest and really cheap way to make sure what is not there.

    It may just be his body rejecting COVID. I went through almost 3 weeks of a dry cough, upper esophagus felt irritated, in February but it never developed into anything else, then faded away. May sound gross but sipping hot Tang seems to help and one can develop a taste for it. ;-)

    1. His sister had thyroid cancer and is the only family member to ever have it.

      He says it's getting better of late, as he's getting more sun and exercise moving up from Tampa to just down the street from me.

    2. Just getting out of Tampa should do it.

      Yes, I am knocking on Tampa, but there's a lot of light industry in the Tampa area, so some air pollution may actually be a thing.

      That, and pre-antibiotics, the treatment for pneumonia or any other lung infection was fresh air and lots of direct sunlight.

      I've done it, in the past. Lungs full of crud, bad enough to stay home. Lay or sit in the sun and let the sunlight heat up the body.

  2. As a side note, a lot of people are now remembering they had a persistent cough, low to mid level fevers and just feeling cruddy in late January to mid-February. About the time that Wu Ping Cough got a real toe-hold in the states.

    So, yeah, Marv probably did have it. As did a lot of other people, my wife included (persistent pneumonia taking multiple treatments to clear up, low level constant fever spiking occasionally and just hanging on for what seems forever.

    For most people the Wuhan flu is an uncomfortable but survivable flu.

  3. In line with your observations

    Inside a close nit group (10-15) of friends. We get together for something at least every 2 weeks. In mid December a "flu" went through the group. 1 very severe case, it was debilitating and lasted a month. No hospitalization, but a couple trips to the Dr. 2 moderate cases, my wife and a friend's wife, lasting about a week with symptoms like a bad "flu". 1 mild case, me. A couple days of feeling "run down & tired". No lingering effects.

    At the time we all just went with the "flu" diagnosis, and it may have been. Or not. It does make you wonder how long this may have been around.....


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