29 November 2022

A Hearty Thank You

That Fucker Fleetwood has purchased a gun.

He has refused to divulge the identity of this gun.

His accomplice, Marv, has been sworn to keep the identity of this gun secret.

When confronted about why it was a secret and if it was for a surprise or from shame, That Fucker Fleetwood, indicated shame.

Further waterboarding grilling questions have eliminated Heckler & Koch.

Hi-Point has NOT been ruled out.

So I've been singing, in Kindergarten cadence, "Willard bought a Hi-Point!" over and over.

While I'm not really expending much energy to the mystery, for some reason it's really tickled my amusement button.

So, thank you, Willard, for providing me this welcome distraction from wrenching on the car!


  1. It could be a Curve or a Judge or even one of those NAA pocket pistols. The possibilities are endless.

  2. I actually own a Hi-Point... Yeah... not something I would normally have bought... It was to help a friend out when he needed $$$ so he didn't have to sell it for peanuts to a dealer. I paid him a fair price, about what he paid for it. It is one of the little .40 S&W carbines. Someone upgraded it with a better stock than the original, but it is still kinda ugly... But actually its a fairly handy sized little thing, kinda like a Ruger Camp Carbine or something. And even more surprisingly, given Hi-Point's design... It actually shoots fairly decently and seems fairly reliable. The biggest drawback to it is the mags I've got for it are all single stack 10 rounders. I think there are 15 rounders available but I have a half dozen or so of the 10 rounders and not really looking to invest more into something like this.

  3. Hey Angus;

    Bullet Launcher is a Bullet Launcher...And I own 2 of those Hi-point carbines, 9 mil and 40 cal and they work well, especially with a cheap optic. and I don't care of they get beat up, they work well.

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  5. Thank you, Thank you. I'll be here in the lounge weekdays, 7;00 till 1:00, all month. Please tip your waitress, she works hard for her money.

  6. Hi-Point carbines are their best products, Hi-Point once posted a picture of a carbine they received for repair with 10 bullets stuck in the barrel after a squib. The pistols are nasty feeling and ugly but apparently stone reliable so if you need a gun for very little money it's a good option. As a bonus Hi-Point was one of the first companies to sever ties with Dick's in 2018


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