24 November 2022

I Know What I Plan On Doing

Diabolical Canadian, James Cameron, has stated that Avatar 2 will require two billion dollars at the box office to break even.

Further, he says that if it doesn't make money, he will not make any more Avatar films.

It is, therefore, our sacred duty to not pay to see this film.

No more Spacecahontas / Dancing With Nantangs!


  1. i liked the first one...prob won't see the second one...sometimes they should just leave it alone...panzer guy

  2. Smurfs in Spa a a aaaace.... Dances with Smurfs....

    Yeah, no. Bleh.

    What's really bad is Babylon 5: Crusade did the story better and in only 45 minutes, admittedly with Technomages (Episode 2: The Long Road) and with Edward Woodward in a post-The Equilizer role.

    Wife likes it. I put up with it.

    Seriously, some Planet X has mineral Y that can fix Earth's problems? Screw Planet X savages. Lay waste from orbit and then go mining, it's a two-fer, no resistance from natives and new places to colonize.

    1. "Seriously, some Planet X has mineral Y that can fix Earth's problems?"

      Heck, Chuck Jones directed that one back in 1953, and told the tale in just over seven minutes. It literally was set on Planet X, and the Mineral Y in question was "Illudium Phosdex, the shaving cream atom."

  3. Well, the movies are pretty and the Navi (I keep thinking Legend of Zelda for some reason) are amazingly human-like. But unobtainium? And the floating islands just float around for no reason? Cameron has said that the unobtainium and the floating islands have no connection.
    I might watch it when it streams

  4. Cameron a big climate change fanatic as well. No dollars for you!


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