25 November 2022

Bug Hunt

I just remembered I have a ton of shit for 2300 AD too.

That should be an easy conversion to GURPS too because it's mostly in real units and the tech is hard sci-fi except for the stutterwarp FTL drive.

Then there's stranger science fiction like converting Star Frontiers.  That's really D&D in space without the magic.  Not a very compelling world, but the tech is hard science enough to be understandable without a lecture.

Lots of options out there for space.

All three of you players are reading this, how's about some input in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. I would make comments, but I don't know crap about gaming at all. Coupla years ago, went to my BILs house who had a bootleg version of one of the combat games. I sucked donkey member, was constantly killed within about a minute of creeping about. So I'll just enjoy hearing and watching others play the game correctly.

    Some of the behaviors of gamers really freaks me out. My nephew gaming once brought the superior officer through the lines all the way to headquarters. Then shot his bitch ass right there in his office. "Why did you do that ?" said I. "I accomplished the mission already ..." WTH !!



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