01 February 2016

Cobra Assault Cannon

Well, maybe not THAT model Cobra Assault Cannon...

This one!  Because .25 ACP is the best defensive round ever developed and a derringer is the best self-defense pistol ever designed!  Yeah... let's stick with that if we can keep a straight face.

I finally own a Cowboy Action Shooting gun!

With original box (genuine cardboard!), Cobra Firearms branded cable-lock and floppy holster.  I am now a man to be feared, by very small numbers of very small and very slow rodents.

Interestingly the prominently printed www.cobrafirearms.net is a dead domain.  Makes you wonder if the "100% American Made  Lifetime Warranty" expired when the company changed over to Their New Web Address.

Amusing to me is the original price tag is on the box.  $199.99.  It was at the pawn shop for a mere $100.


  1. If you actually shoot somebody with that thing, they are really going to be pissed.

  2. Glad you got such a deep discount....but given my feeling on derringers and .25...you got taken.

    But then again, this is the proud owner of a J-22 so it's all subjective...

    1. I collect guns in .25 ACP. I've got no illusions about how effective they'd be, or how effective a derringer is.

      There's a lot of interesting engineering and history encompassed in the world of vest-pocket pistols, they're fun to learn about and collect.

  3. Would you like a raven .25 in a box? I have one and don't need it. E-mail me if you would like to discuss.
    dlduriez at att dot net


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