01 February 2016

Slave Reparations Again

Nothing is owed to the descendants of slaves over the issue of slavery.

The reparation was paid in 1865, in blood, by over 360,000 WHITE men who fought to free blacks from the evil of chattel slavery.

White men, again, went on to pass three amendments to The Constitution to address the issue and to force the people who didn't get the message that henceforth blacks were people too.

The UN says the US owes blacks reparations...

And once again we're not talking about slavery but Jim Crow.

Once again I know who owes for that, and it's not me.  Again.

Most of the people who're responsible died without being punished.

I reject, again, the idea that I can inherit the guilt of others and be punished for actions I did not take or support.

Racism is an evil this nation has a long history with, but inherited guilt is how you perpetuate it not how you alleviate it.

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  1. It's never us. My ancestors weren't even in the US during slavery. I know far enough back some of them were slaves themselves. I'm not sure some ancestor crossed the Red Sea with Moses, but it could have been.


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