27 November 2018

Adulting Sucks

All this being responsible and paying the bills sure cuts into the fun.

This time of year is especially difficult with all the sales going on.

I've got an AR project on hold that needs an upper and Palmetto sure has a deal on for a complete one.

Worse is when you thought you'd squirreled away some money for something and life intercedes and that money disappears for life's needs.  Having two of Harvey's relatives drop dead in the same year takes a toll on the finances.

I guess the good news about squirreling is there was money there for life to take.

I didn't want to grow up!  I wanted to remain a Toy-R-Us kid.


  1. You think that is a good deal.

    They had a complete rifle for $299 shipped with that upper.

    1. NAH NAH NAH I am not listening to you NAH NAH NAH

  2. I've seen lots of tempting deals... I managed to hold myself to one case of ammo. Too many guns, not enough money... or at least not enough justification to spend money on them...


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