15 November 2018

Seen At The Applebee's

On Veteran's Day...

While doing my annual mooch I saw a someone wearing their old class-A's.

Initially I thought it was corny to be wearing them to Applebee's, but we vets do get stupid about wearing stuff on Vet's Day.

Because he was seated in the booth in front of me I got to take a good long look at his ribbons.

Something stood out.

The Kuwaiti Liberation Ribbon top center above three rows of other awards.

That's a foreign award, they go last; not first.  Even the tutti-frutti goes before it on your panel.

I'm not far from saying this guy was never a veteran from getting something this basic wrong.

Needlessly wrong.

It's not like I've ever seen an Applebee's check for a DD214 or military ID lately.

FFS, the correct order is readily available on the internet.

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