11 November 2018

Veteran's Day

Today, in the USA, it's Veteran's Day.

A day set aside for those who went in and came out.

It seems odd to have to say it, but today is not for the fallen in the USA; that's Memorial Day.

It isn't for those whom are still serving; that's Armed Forces Day.

If you know a vet, buy them a beer, take them out to dinner, get them laid.

Remind them of all the freebies available!

As a Cold War soldier, I can remember when all this wasn't happening.

Nobody said, "thank you for your service."

Very few places offered a free meal on Veteran's day.


  1. Hi Angus,
    Yer' right! They called me "Baby Killer!!!!" and SPAT on me and my friends!!! Thank you Jesus that "AIDS" was still 20 years down the road!! Meanwhile, I survived and today, everyone says,"Thank you for your service!!" wants to shake my hand, looks all jubalant and doesn't even have a fucking clue!!
    The only ones who know are my brother's that were there... the ones still alive and the ones .... "Gone on!!"
    Everyone I know that has "Been there" when we meet, and make "eye to eye" contact... there is that "Look" not much is said, not much has to be.... we just KNOW!!!!"

  2. In a lot of ways, you Cold Warriors had it even harder than active war veterans.

    30 days consecutive, 60 days cumulative. That's what it takes to be considered a veteran of the Korean War for VFW entry, even today.

    And those in Germany? Fun with beer and broads, but always the background fear of the Bear coming.

    Thank you all for your service.

    And, Skybill, thankfully HepC and superTB weren't around, also. You all had it so damned raw. And, yes, thank you for your service and putting up with a bunch of assholes when you returned. Fucking Cronkite and his butt-buddies in the news service, and fucking LBJ and his cronies.

    1. The most aggravating thing about VFW's membership requirements is a tanker stationed in Germany during Vietnam is A-OK. A tanker stationed in Germany after... nope.

      I also remember them taking any swinging dick for a while because there hadn't been a war for so very long. Just to keep the doors open as it were.

      Now they got the war on terror, "who were you cold war guys again?"

      Yeah, we were the ones who won our war in the Sun Tzu "do it exactly like that!" method. No shooting.


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