08 November 2018

Before We Panic

We expected Scott to lose, it was a surprise he beat Nelson in the initial count.

Gillum has a limited amount of damage he can do because his party isn't in charge of the legislature.

The Ag Commissioner is a bit more damaging, but again limited.  Yes, she can delay carry permit renewals to the full allowed time, but she will still have to issue them.

And in 2022 when we do this again, you think we're going to be all worked up about the damage and get to the fucking polls?

Play the long game.


  1. Yes, play the long game. But we cannot longer seat on our asses and hope the politicians remain faithful. They are worse than bitches in heat and need to be fixed to keep nice and at home.
    And we need to be done being polite and playing with white gloves.

    Oh, and f*** Rick Nelson for all this crap that is happening with the recounts.
    And no, I am not moving yet just to mess with you :)

    /rant off>

  2. Let us hope the always uncounted military ballots push all three races back into the win column for the Republicans.

    This shit that Broward County is pulling is just that, shit. Bullshit. Bullshit of the highest order.

    And, no, we need to be loud and mean and clamorous now before the assholes win again. If Gollum gets in, he'll Executive Order the living shit out of what is left of our state. The Ag Commish has a lot of hidden power. Just look at all the programs under the Department of Agriculture that affect Florida, oh, like the Concealed Weapon permit system and, well, all the agriculture stuff.

    The two shit-weasels conceded. Honorable people would have stood by their concessions. But, well, honorable and Democrat are two incompatible concepts.

    Fah, I hate this crap.


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