15 November 2018

Everything Old Is New Again

Pinks and Greens are back, Baby!

I am wondering, though, where Ms SSG on the left got a Schützenschnur, and why is it white?

On a side note, we yearned to wear the black beret the Germans gave us for graduating their tank school.  We settled for the Schütz...  I got silver.


  1. I have to say I like the Pink and Greens

  2. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing the old Army Blue come back---think "F Troop," that general era. I can understand wearing cammies in combat zones, but behind the lines, why is olive drab or green superior to blue?

    1. Where have you been hiding? The new pinks and greens are replacing the blues, which replaced the pickle-suit class-A's I wore.

  3. Uniforms should stand out from civilians, not try to emulate civilian fashions.

    So, I am all for Pinks and Greens.

    Now the Navy needs to go back to WWII standards, Khakis for the officers and senior NCOs, and blues and dungarees for the swabbies.

    Same with the Air Force, go back to Vietnam era uniforms. They looked good, wore well, and weren't butt-ugly.

    Marines? They've always been the sharped-dressed men (and women (visions of Catherine Bell dressed to the nines on JAG float through my head...))

  4. As for the white Schützenschnur, maybe color saturation correction by the photo editor?


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