06 November 2018

Governor Ron DeSantis

Gillum has conceded.

I don't expect such a concession from Nelson.


  1. Thank God, so far.

    My stupid county looks like it will hike the sales tax for a bunch of stupid reasons.

  2. Hey Angus;

    Looks like your state dodged a bullet, but it bothers me how close it was....It shouldn't have even been close.My state still are counting and I am sure that the democrats will "find" missing ballots to get snaggletooth over the line

    1. It is amazing how many votes can be bought when you're backed by Soros and Bloomberg.

      Remember, one of the more populous counties is also the same one that re-elected Debbie Wassername Shultz after it was proved that she colluded against Sanders and for Shrillery in 2016. And kept Scott Brown as Sheriff.

      All due to a lot of yankee riff-raff moving down here to make here more like up there where they moved from.

      It was a close-run thing. Didn't help that MSNBC reported Gollum won the night before the vote. Unintentional attempt at voter suppression, like in 2000, again?


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