25 November 2018

Things I've Learned From Gun Writers

Over the years, gun-writers have said the following.

There is no possible way to shoot better without a shot timer.

There is no possible way to learn how to shoot without receiving training.

The Glock SIG Smith and Wesson FN Glock is the best handgun ever made.

Plastic Polymer framed guns are a passing fad here to stay.

9mm sucks and should not be relied on for serious self defense.

.40 S&W is the best possible cartridge for self defense and this will never change.

.45 ACP is what serious shooters use for self defense.

Never EVER Use appendix carry.
Semi-Automatic handguns are too complicated for novices, especially women, so your first gun should be a revolver.
Lasers are gimmicks and have no serious application.

Use lasers they're an excellent solution to the aiming problem.

Red-Dot sights mounted to the slide are too fragile and will never catch on.

Buy a red-dot for your handgun.

.NNN is the best hunting round ever created, don't bother looking at anything else.

.30-06 is the best hunting round ever created, don't bother looking at anything else.

.308 is the best hunting round ever created, don't bother looking at anything else.

This (cheaper version of the gun) is garbage, buy the normal model.

The (cheaper version of the gun) is actually a good shooter, use the money you saved on the gun to get good glass.

Glass that costs as much as your rifle is the bare minimum quality to hit anything.

There's lots of affordable glass that costs less than 1/4 what your gun costs that's actually quite good.

The Colt All American 2000 is an excellent design made to the highest standards.

The Colt All American 2000 is a piece of shit.

In case you gun writers ever wondered why we, the public, don't take you all that seriously any more...  You can't make up your minds about what's best.  The constant reversals are annoying, at best.

The fact that you can't anger the advertisers means you cannot give an honest review of any product.

The most honest you can be about products in general is too vague to actually aid a potential buyer of the items.  "There are these things called holsters, there are many different styles and materials, you should get one," doesn't actually help anyone to decide what kind of holster best suits their needs.  But there's lots and lots of articles that follow this pattern.


  1. I can tell exactly when to stop reading a gun-blogger. It's when they get a job working for XYZ Gun Mag or PDQ Lobbying Association.

    Oh, there's several stages before they stop being useful for real reviews.

    First is when they get free stuff. It's like a dealer giving a new junkie the first hit, free. And they go, "Hey, MNL just sent me gafunkin part, free. Just because..."

    Then there's when they start reviewing stuff without buying the stuff because manufacturers send them free stuff. And the struggle to stay honest begins. Do they really want to review ButtBuddy's Butt Holding Holster honestly, and then have to start buying all their weird stuff because free stuff is cut off because they potentially told the truth.

    And then there's when they are willingly eating the free buffet and there's just enough truth in their review to make them a good secondary source, but no longer can you really truly trust their stuff.

    Final, as stated at the beginning, is when they then get the job offer. Oh, well.

    And, of course, like automobile review writers, they all want to write about the new fast hotness, not about the stodgy workhorse, which is the review a real user needs, not fantasy articles about bazillion-dollar dream machines.

    1. Wait... are you saying that I *CAN'T* use a Ferrari 488 to haul drywall?

      I once asked for, and got, a BelOMO scope for review. They let me keep it once I was done.


    2. Yes, true but you've been honest about it. That is why I trust your opinion over some high-priced shills.

      I have read article after article degrading the .30cal M1 Carbine while the same author is talking about the latest, greatest poodle-shooter. Which was popping up performance pretty much equal to the highly denigrated .30 Carbine. Which is funny, because I know some serious hog and deer hunters who used Carbines as cheap woods rifles and truck guns. And they are fun to shoot.

      So, when the XYZ Gun Lobbyists put you on the payroll, maybe I'll stop reading you. Until then, you are far too grumpy to lie for free stuff, like I suspect some gun-writers (cough, cough) do.


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