25 November 2018

Chock Full Of Shooty Goodness

FuzzyGeff finally got to put some rounds down the barrel of the AR that's been stored here for...


A long damn time.

Popping the cherry below the fold.

Chasing the zero.

Confirming the zero.

Still a mite low.  His skills are super rusty, but he still had fun!

Marv drug out Brown Betty and his AR suppressor and let FuzzyGeff have a go.

FuzzyGeff got to try out the trigger mod I made to his SW40F Sigma.  He reports to liking it.  He also complained that he's experienced some serious skill-atrophy over the years.

JT tried out his brand-new FN FNS-9 and S&W M&P 9.  He says he can't really tell the difference in how they feel and his groups are near identical.

I think I finally have a handle on what I've been doing wrong with MY M&P 9.  The small grip panel is back and I now know where to position my finger to prevent the twitching of the sight at the break.

More trigger time is needed to seat the lesson in the lizard portion of my brain.


  1. Hey Angus,

    What kind of mod did you do on the sigma?

    1. I applied the Apex Tactical trigger and spring kits.

      Links to the kits here: https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2018/10/my-thats-nice.html


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